Dedicated Expertise in Maritime Services

About 14Maritime

Our commitment and ethos as 14Maritime Protection Experts is to provide the very highest level of individual and collective deployment into the client-centred task to facilitate operational efficacy leading to a safe and successful conclusion.

14Maritime together with its sister company 14Intelligence operates internationally to provide an extensive spectrum of security, protection and support services in the marine environment as well as in land-based and hostile scenarios.

Our Maritime services encompass the wide range of security, management and organisational assistance that may be required to ensure the completion of a safe, efficient and effective voyage or transit as well as the defence and protection of static facilities under potential or actual threat.

The maritime protection teams which comprise former Marine Special Forces operatives are highly experienced, well qualified, motivated and skilled in all aspects of ship security, protection and defence escalation to ensure the safety of officers, crew and cargoes, particularly in sea areas of high risk across the globe.

With extensive experience internationally over more than twenty-five years of continuous operation clients will receive the attention to detail and expertise in all aspects of service, care and application.