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14Maritime offers a comprehensive array of professional services in all areas of shipping and static facility assessment, analysis and manpower deployment according to the requirements of our clients.

In the case of smaller or atypical vessels, we may advise that an initial risk assessment, followed by strategic planning including a review of the intended itinerary, possible vessel hardening modifications, the identification and establishment of appropriate permissions and clearances followed by protection deployment may be appropriate.

For our larger and established clients where dedicated administrators facilitate the preparations for shipping movement, such a comprehensive service may be unnecessary. We are then available to deploy our teams to provide active protection throughout the voyage and coordinate with the ship’s captain and officers to add a potentially vital component of defence, particularly in high-risk sea areas

Risk Assessment 560

Risk Assessment

Passive Protection Strategies 560

Passive Protection Strategies

Active Protection 560

Active Protection

Permissions and Clearances 560

Permissions and Clearances

Tactical Deployment at sea 560

Tactical Deployment at sea

Kidnap, Ransom and Rescue 560
Kidnap, Ransom and Rescue

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