Kidnap, Ransom and Rescue

Maritime Kidnap, Ransom and Rescue

Piracy for ransom (PRF) and Kidnap for ransom (KFR) have been considered to be business models for economic gain with an estimated annual ‘turnover’ from KFR of $1.5bn. Maritime piracy and Hijack for Ransom (HFR) may result in hostages and vessels being held for protracted periods of time from 6 to 18 months with clear risks to their health and life as prolonged durations of negotiations may result in hostages being killed.

Whilst hostage ransom bans are in place in several nations there is a clear strategy for hostage negotiations and despite the potential escalation to national or international actions for armed rescue attempts, the basis of hostage release would always begin with mediation, negotiation, and compromise.

Our experienced team of professional, experienced, and skilled negotiators are available to assist in identifying, communicating with, and negotiating the safe release of hostage in a wide variety of situations nationally and internationally. Teams of former special forces operatives with extensive training in hostile environment protection can be made available to assist with the strategic defence of negotiators and will liaise with national and international teams to achieve a successful outcome.

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