Permissions and Clearances

Maritime Permissions and Clearances

The ability of a PCASC team to provide an effective team of security personnel is affected by legislation, statutes and guidance under international maritime law. Personnel as individuals must be seen to have an appropriate background and level of training, to have documented proficiency within the marine industry, and in many cases to be highly trained, often well beyond SSO level, to be able to assist with additional complex tasks at officer level.

The regulations concerning customs, police and coastal authority requirements and mandates vary widely among sovereign states’ requirements and a wide knowledge of current legislation, particularly within the intended vessel itinerary but additionally that of neighbouring states is necessary. The regulation particularly of firearms, ammunition and ancillary equipment may require a variety of permission, declarations, and certifications to be available guided by MSC official documentation.

Our experienced teams can ensure that all required notifications and documentation are in place as required.

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