Tactical Deployment at Sea

Maritime Tactical Deployment at sea

Once deployed and underway our teams will quickly familiarise themselves further with the vessel under protection. In discussions with the senior officers we will agree and formulate strategies for escalating the range of methods of management for the itinerary, the potential and likely locations of incursion attempts, and agree on methods and lines of direct and indirect communication.

The existing facilities of the security, location and accessibility of weapons and ammunition will be clarified for each vessel. A further and more in-depth analysis will be made of access and transit routes to facilitate speed efficiency and efficacy of immediate responses should they be necessary.

With the agreement of the captain or senior officers as recommended by ISPS and STCW, briefing and further training of the crew complement in their immediate responses to potential threats may be undertaken to provide a further aspect to vessel protection.

Hardening of a vessel against incursion begins with a well-trained and knowledgeable crew fully conversant with the situational security risks and able to assist the security teams to ensure vessel safety. Effective training will ensure that all crews are conversant with the typical strategies of piracy attacks and the planned responses in coordination with the professional security team.

Early detection of threats by physical, electronic (AID/radar) or observation (STCW) is the key to vessel defence and drills will familiarise crews and watch officers with the importance of early communication and action by the specialist security teams.

Relevant coastal state restrictions will be recognised, due diligence audits, rules for the use of force and SOP will be agreed upon with senior officers to ensure organisational compliance and local regulations for military or police checks will be facilitated.

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